About Us

The Society of American Literature Study and Appreciation (SALSA) has been established by a group of literature aficionados, who, aim at broadening their knowledge and understanding of American literature.

The history of our society may be found at the following web pages: Archives and SALSA


Meetings devoted to literary discourse are organized every second Thursday at PWSZ in Piła at 16.30 pm. We hold open meetings so everybody is a welcome guest.


Our Members:

The supervisors:              doc. dr Hadrian Lankiewicz

                                      mgr Ewa Rogozińska


1. Sebastian Feciuch - chairman

2. Klaudia Nojman - treasurer

3. Klaudia Krupicz – vice-chairman

4. Agnieszka Smolińska

5. Anna Owsianicka

6. Monika Siuzdak