SKN Miłośników Literatury Amerykańskiej


On the 4th of March, the our club participated in a meeting with fantasy and humor. We prepared a short stage play entitled Death at work, which was written by Krzysztof Karbownik and Michał Mostowski. Performed by our peers, it was a suspenseful story suffused with dark humor and clever allegories. During one mundane evening Jimmy, the main protagonist, who’s utterly dissatisfied by living with his cantankerous wife, gets visited by two unexpected guest: the Devil accompanied by the eponymous Death. Due to the Devil’s shrewdness and eloquence, evocative of that in John Milton’s Paradise Lost, they manage to coax the couple into murdering themselves. The audience responded with joyful laughter as the actors delivered the jokes and peered with incredulity as the nifty turning points unexpectedly altered the plot. When the play ended, the performers efforts were rewarded with an exuberant applause. We will reminisce about that event with joviality as it was a great experience for us all. Thanks for coming!

Complete cast:
Jimmy - Krzysztof Karbownik
Death - Dawid Łukasiewicz
Devil - Michał Mostowski
Jimmy's Wife - Małgorzata Kania
Kids - Monika Górzyńska & Paulina Gola
Sound and SFX - Kamil Krygiołka